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Little Pomona Art of Darkness 2017, Part 3

Art of Darkness 2017: Part 3

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Art of Darkness 2017 is Little Pomona's journey in the barrel and beyond. Always a blend of spontaneously fermented Foxwhelp and Ellis Bitter, it begins life in tank before being racked into barrels. We set out to make just one cider but so intrigued were we with the differences and quality of three barrels in particular that we decided to bottle each separately. 

PART 3 brings together our pair in equal proportions, providing a blend of pure harmony, with Foxwhelp providing the bones, the muscle and the sinew, and Ellis Bitter the flesh and blood. Luscious, pure and concentrated, this is minerally and softly woody, with  juicy pomegranate, sour plums, honey and strawberry.

7.1% abv