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Dead Flowers, 2018, off-dry, still

Dead Flowers, 2018, off-dry, still

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Dead Flowers is the final curtain call on a cider acted out in five parts.

Act 1: May 2018 – Dragon Orchard in Putley. Blossom and hope. Then the flowers die.

Act 2: June – The flowers are resurrected as Dabinett, the legendary cider apple.

Act 3: October – Triumphantly ripe Dabinett arrives at the cidery. Disaster. They are crushed, (op)pressed, exiled to tanks with only yeast for company.

Act 4: July 2019 – Dry, bitter, forgotten, they are sent to barrel (Bourbon) to fester. 

Act 5 March 2020 – But one barrel grows strong. Its influence spreads. It makes its way into bottles and breaks FREE!

This is the story of fabulous fruit, a perfect vintage, careful yeast selection, an amazing barrel and a lot of time. A cider unlike others. Orange rind, oolong tea, candied ginger, grapefruit oil, sandalwood, slatey smooth tannins. It’s intense and laden. It’s luscious, intense 

Gluten free. Vegan friendly. Contains Sulphites.

8.2% abv