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Hard Rain - Quince - 2020

Hard Rain - Quince - 2020

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pét nat style ciderkin with quince

Hard Rain, made from the second pressing of apples with the addition of water, is our modern interpretation of an old historic drink, ciderkin.

So into tank we pressed the pomace from two types of Quince along with a little Ellis Bitter, straight onto the lees of our Disco Nouveau cider. We left it to ferment spontaneously before bottling it as a pét nat. Bright, floral, tropical and naturally low in alcohol it’s super refreshing and totally crushable!

This makes a great summery aperitif, the sort of thing you'd enjoy on the beach or while waiting for the barbie to fire up. It will also work brilliantly with light, fragrant fish dishes and salads.

Contains naturally occurring sediment. Pour clean, or mix gently for extra flavour.

Enjoy cold with friends. Responsibly. Vegan friendly. Gluten free.


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