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Oliver's One Juice 2019

Oliver's One Juice 2019

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One juice, five makers - what would they each do with this blend of Browns Apple and Dabinett? Here's where you find out.

While the five-bottle box has disappeared chez Little Pomona, we do have some single bottles of our own One Juice, and that of near neighbour and generous mentor, Tom Oliver.

For Tom, Oliver's Cider is all in the balance, blending varieties and vintages to create true expressions of the cider apples and perry pears of Herefordshire and the Three Counties. Miminal intervention is the name of the game, as here.

His One Juice was fermented with wild yeasts in first use Islay whisky barrels and matured in the same barrels on the original lees. Three per cent partially fermented Foxwhelp cider was also added.

Friend of cider and Neutral Cider Hotel co-host writes:

"Salt and smoke, there's an almost coastal brine character, with rich smoked whisky and leather backing it up. All this savoury character is the bold front, before peach and apple juice sit on the tongue, finished finally as the peaty character marries with the tannins, and the acidity of the juice prickle on the finish. 

"Bonfire night in a glass, and you're close enough to the fire to feel it in your cheeks."