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Pét Nat Perry - 2020

Pét Nat Perry - 2020

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the rare pear

7.4% abv 

We were super lucky to come upon one of the rarest of perry pears when legendary orchard man and cidermaker Rob Uren came to us with crate upon crate of golden Brinarl from an orchard planted in the 1930s near the City of Hereford. The fresh fruit was intense, luscious, juicy acidic and tannic – everything you could possibly want from a pear.

The pears were milled, macerated over 24 hours, pressed and run into a tank to ferment naturally. Later it was bottled as a pét nat.

The aromatics are super floral and citrussy, almost quince-like in intensity. On the palate there's yuzu, lime, starfruit, mango, exploding like a tropical fruit grenade. The softest of tannins emerge at the finish and the whole thing is balanced by just a touch of sweetness from the fermentation.

This adores Thai dishes and others that dance alongside fragrant aromatics. Glorious salads, pan fried fish with herby, citrus sauces, and the freshest of fruit tarts.

Drink cool, not cold. Gluten-free. Vegan friendly. No added sulphites.

For more on this fascinating find, see our info sheet