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A Tale of Two Barrels

Beautiful barrels have played their part in both of the new releases featuring in Little Pomona's next chat with Ross Cider & Perry, Insta Live, Sunday 21 June, 8pm.
Ashton Brown Jersey 2015 from Ross Cider will feature alongside Dead Flowers 2018 from Little Pomona, as Susanna and James join Mike and Albert over a couple of glasses.
Dead Flowers majors on that king of apples, Dabinett, from the hallowed Dragon Orchard and the fabulous 2018 vintage. A spell in a bourbon barrel has been time well-spent, offering notes of orange rind and oolong tea alongside slatey tannins.

Ashton Brown Jersey is one of the Johnsons' favourite apples, and this 2015 highlights just why, balancing caramel-like notes with the ABJ's savoury nettle-like notes.

To join with us as we taste these, we've paired the duo together in our shop, or you can buy each bottle separately, or if you're over Ross way, you can pick up via their Click & Collect service.

Albert has also kindly shared with us half a dozen Ashton Brown Jersey 2017. Being launched at the same time, this is another vibrant evocation of this apple. A chance to compare the effect of vintage. Sadly it might be the last ABJ for a while, since moths have been wreaking havoc in the orchard.

The Cider Bake-Off

We're also planning an extra special taste-off, whereby we pitch the Nizi Hereford Bun against Hilary's legendary Cider & Apple Cake, and see which matches our respective ciders best.

So join us as we chat about barrels, apples, baked goods and whatever else crosses our paths next Sunday, 21 June, 8pm.

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