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Following on from an original illustration by Florida-based artist Thomas Ascott a number of other people have helped us along the way with imagery for our various projects. We thank them for their help and generosity of spirit. 


Sam Forbes Our inspirational design director from the start, Sam has looked after all, from labels to website 

Sam is a friendly graphic designer based in Glasgow. Working with clients of all sizes, from corporate big boys to new kids on the block she creates design solutions to grow your business and make your brand shine.


Marie-Thérèse Docherty has helped both in the orchards and with our latest creation, Do It Puritan! 
MT to her friends and family is a Scottish artist living and working in Alsace, France. She graduated from Dunkin of Jordanstone College of Art and Design specialising in printmaking and has exhibited in Scotland and France as well as producing art work for Glenmorangie. A true friend, we had the pleasure of a week in her company during the 2019 harvest when she helped us pick and press our way through a tricky vintage. She was instrumental in the design of our Do it Puritan! labels. Open to commissions MT is best contacted at marietheresedocherty@gmail.com 

Ariana Sauder took Pomona to new environments with her graceful reinterpretation of the Thomas original illustration
Ariana Sauder is an Ottawa-born visual artist and designer based in Montreal, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Concordia University. Inspired by personal experiences, her illustrations focus on the feminine form as it navigates through a semi-imagined world. She uses imagery to explore themes of leisure, indulgence and comfort. arianasauder.com



Martin Berkeley is generous of spirit and an inspirational artistic collaborator.
Martin Berkeley is as self-effacing as he is talented. Not only a great creative cidermaker down in Somerset, he’s a talented artist and with his amazing screen printing skills he helped us bring both Root & Branch and Do it Puritan! to life. One day we hope to collaborate on some creative cider projects with him too. He was also the person who introduced us to the wonders of quince. See more at www.piltoncider.com or @piltoncider on instagram.