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Cider Club FAQ 2!

I never received any emails after joining the LPCC! What do I do?

If you've signed up for the LPCC and haven't received either email please start by checking your SPAM folder. Several club members have noted they they were in their junk folder.

Our welcome email is a simple email with some basic information about the Club. If you did not receive this email you should be able to get all necessary information from this FAQ but feel free to reach out if you've missed it.

The "Account Activation" email is the most important but you should still be able to activate your account without the email by visiting this link. Be sure to use the same email that was provided when you initially registered for the club.

( Please see the previous FAQ question if you're confused about 'welcome' or 'account activation' emails.)

If you did not receive our welcome or account activation emails, if you noticed a spelling error or typo in your email, or if you are having any issues at all with registering and activating your account please reach out to wassail@littlepomona.com and we will be happy to help you. 

How do I login to my Club Account?

After registering and activating your account you will be able to login by clicking on the 'person icon' located in the top left portion of the site... it looks a little bit like this:

Or you can go here.

Remember: your username will be the email you used for the initial Club Registration (and the same place you received our communications!) and your password will be the password you are prompted to create during 'Account Activation'.

How do I use my Club discount?

Our CLUB10 discount is linked to the accounts of all Little Pomona Cider Club members. Only paying members will be able to apply this discount at checkout – the discount will fail for all non-club members.

If this discount is not working for you and you are a paying club member – please reach out to us.

To use this discount you will need to be logged in to your Club Account (see previous question if you're confused about this step!)

During checkout you will need to manually add the CLUB10 discount code to your order to receive 10% off all regular Little Pomona Drinks and Merchandise.  

The discount code will need to be added by typing it into the 'Discount code' field found here:

After filling in the discount code be sure to click the "Apply" button.
After clicking you should see the subtotal and individual item discounts to reflect the applied discount:

Note that only the Table Cider is discounted in this example because the other item is a Club Exclusive product and therefore already sold at a discounted rate.

Where do I enter my Discount Code on a mobile device?

When using the CLUB10 discount on your mobile device you will need to to expand the "Show order summary"section of the Checkout Page in order to enter and apply your Discount Code. After expanding this section you should be able to see the 'Discount Code' field.


What products are eligible for my Cider Club Discount?

The CLUB10 Cider Club discount is applicable to all regular Little Pomona products. Essentially this means all Little Pomona drinks and merchandise that are not part of one of our Club Exclusive offers. Typically this will mean, all drinks in the Ciders & Perries collection and any Little Pomona merchandise (eg. shirts, hats, glasses, totes, etc.).

The Club Discount is unfortunately not applicable on any guest ciders and perries or on books, vouchers, etc.

How do I access 'exclusive offers'?

To access exclusive offers you will first need to Login using your Club Account email and password. 

After logging in, simply navigate to Web Shop > Cider Club or go here to see what exclusive offers are currently available.

Can I purchase drinks or merchandise before their official release date?

Before new releases, Club Members will receive an email detailing what new products are coming. Members will typically have several days' notice to make purchases of the listed products before they become accessible to the general public.

Pre-release products will typically be listed online at the club discounted rate until they become available to the public unless otherwise stated.   

Pre-release products will only be visible to Little Pomona Cider Club members who are logged in and navigate here (Web Shop > Cider Club). 

Once the products become available to the general public they will be found in the relevant collection to which they belong (e.g. Ciders & Perries or Merch, Words & Vouchers).

Will all products be pre-released to Club Members?

We cannot guarantee that every single Little Pomona release will be pre-released to Club Members though we will do everything we can to ensure this happens – especially for small releases.

How do I hold items in the Members Reserves?

If you are a Cider Club member and would like to place items in Members Reserves then you can do so in two simple steps:

1) Attach a quick note during Checkout. 
This can be done by simply writing a quick note in the Note field during Checkout. This is easiest to view in the Cart view before starting Checkout.

2) Choose 'Pick-up' during Checkout to avoid shipping costs.
Even if you plan to eventually get the products you are ordering shipped to you, it is best to choose the 'Pick up' option if you would like them to be held in members reserves. 
You can pay shipping charges at a later date if you would like your products shipped before reaching the £75 Free Shipping rate by purchasing this product and simply adding a note during checkout.

How do I know what is being stored for me in Members Reserves?

While there is no easy way to see what is currently being held for you in the Members Reserves, you can however see a list of all your purchases from Little Pomona in the 'Account' section of our site. 
These should show previous orders and totals (along with a basic receipt if you click on the order number). Most members have been able to work out what is being held for them by taking a quick look through this summary.

If you would like to know exactly what is being held for you in Members Reserves or if you need any assistance please get in touch with us via wassail@littlepomona.com.

How do I get my Members Reserve items shipped to me?

Members Reserves can be treated as storage space for your bottles until you have purchased enough product to qualify for our £75 Free Mainland Shipping (or £5 Discounted Shipping to remote Scotland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Wight, and Northern Ireland).

Tracking this is a bit of a manual process on our end so there are a few ways you can let us know that you would like your products shipped:

If you are above the £75 Free Shipping threshold

  1. If you are already above the £75 Free Shipping threshold or in the process of placing an order that would bring your combined order subtotal above £75, simply attach a quick note to the order with your shipping address (note: we should have it on file if you've placed previous orders but it's easiest if you confirm it in the note!). Make sure to choose 'Pick up' as your shipping method to avoid any shipping fees! We will still ship everything to you!
    members reserve shipping note

  2. Send us an email and we can organise shipping!  

If you are under the £75 Free Shipping Threshold:

  1. If you are placing another order, simply add a note to your order (like the one pictured above) requesting that we ship all your Members Reserve items. Choose "Ship" and pay the appropriate Shipping fee for your region. 
    We will ship all items together (thus saving on shipping charges -- even if it's not free!)
  2. If you are not in the process of placing an order, the easiest way to let us know that you would like your Members Reserve items shipped is by navigating to the Cider Club Collection and adding the 'Members Reserves Shipping' product to your cart. Proceed through checkout normally and make sure to choose the proper shipping rate. Best to put a little note for us too if you remember!

I've already created an account and still don't have access to the Club Discount and exclusive offers! What do I do?

Make sure you are logged in with the correct account (the one linked to your club registration). 
If you are using the proper account then send us a quick email and we can resolve the issue with you.

Can I change the Payment Card used to collect membership fees?

Yes you can! This needs to be done on the PayPal side of things since PayPal acts as the conduit for reoccurring payments (we don't store any of your Card data). To change the Payment Card used to pay for your annual Cider Club membership fees follow the steps below.

  1. Start by logging in to your PayPal account. 
  2. Click on the 'gear icon' in the upper right corner  
  3. Click on the 'Payments' tab 
  4. Click on 'View' next to 'Manage your automatic payments'
  5. Click on 'Little Pomona Ltd' under the 'Pre-approved payments' section
  6. Click on the 'edit icon' next to the card listed: 

  7. Change the card used under the "Choose the way you pay at Little Pomona Ltd"
  8. click 'Save' to finalise your changes.

How can I edit the email associated with my Club Membership?

If you signed up for the Little Pomona Cider Club with an incorrect email or you would like to change the email associated with your membership please reach out to us and we can help you through the process. This will need to be done manually by our team.

How do I cancel my membership?

First off, we'll be very sad to see you go but we appreciate all your contributions to Little Pomona and your involvement with us.
Thanks for sharing in the Cider Club experience and we hope to see you again!

Follow the steps below to complete the cancellation:

  1. Login to your account on the Little Pomona homepage.  
  2. Click on the 'Manage Memberships' button from the 'My account' screen: 
  3. Click the 'cancel' button under the actions row: Membership cancellation
  4. Choose 'Confirm' when prompted:
    Confirm Membership Cancellation

After a successful cancellation you will notice that the status of your membership will have changed to 'Active, on Remainder':

Active, on Remainder Status

You will also receive two quick emails - the first will be from us confirming your cancellation and the second will be from PayPal confirming that the reoccurring payment to Little Pomona has been cancelled. 

Note: upon cancellation your Club Membership will remain valid until the date of your renewal. You will maintain access to the Cider Club Exclusives and CLUB10 discount until that date.