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… and a Perry New Year!

With 2023 just around the corner, we wanted to wish you a Perry New Year. So to mark the occasion, we've chosen our newest, most exploratory perry yet - To Boldly Go 2021 - to open in the Tasting Room today.

To Boldly Go

We are open 12-3pm today, for Click & Collect and pop-ins.

With its label conceived by the ever-talented Ariana Sauder, To Boldly Go is truly one for flavour explorers everywhere.

Thanks to being introduced by Dunleavy Vineyards' inspirational winemaker, Ingrid to that most expressive of grapes, Bacchus, James decided to blend them with the equally evocative Herefordshire perry pears, Green Horse and Hendre Huffcap. Throw in carbonic maceration, spontaneous co-fermentation, and the timely judgement needed to ensure a tingling pét nat, and this is something special.

This is what we'll be enjoying ourselves tonight.

So a big thank you to everyone for their support this year.

We look forward to seeing you next year. We're so excited with the wonderful liquids beginning their fermentation journey from the 2022 harvest. Couple that with previous harvests' ciders readying themselves for release, and it's going to to be another fun year.

Here's to all our fellow cider producers, to the orchardists who go the extra mile to provide us with beautiful fruit, to those who share our wares far and wide, to those who champion and trumpet this wonderful world of cider, both here and everywhere, and to you, our wonderful supporters.


To Boldly Go 2021