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Cider Club Opens Waiting List

In these difficult times, one of the things that has been one of the most wonderful supports to us as we strive to survive and grow has been our Cider Club. Launched back in early summer, we were so heartened by the response. It's been a joy meeting you when you've come to visit. And, of course, your annual subscription has particularly helped as we've navigated the uncertain times stirred up by the pandemic.

We think our members have enjoyed their special offers, their 10% Club10 discount on Little Pomona stock, and their complimentary tour & tasting when they visit. We also hold onto their purchases should they wish in our Members' Reserve section – a popular feature if they're holding on for the next release to minimise shipping costs.

Next year we hope we'll be able to do more Cider Club events, to enable you to come and take part in crafting great cider and to join us on our journey. Thanks to those of you who have contributed so much already.

We always knew we didn't want the Club to be huge, so at the moment membership is closed since we've reached our maximum. However, we're planning on releasing a few more spaces before the festive season. If you'd like to be among the next folk to join the Club, please do join our Waiting List. As soon as membership reopens, we'll be in touch.

Hoping we'll see you in the Club soon.

Little Pomona crew - aka James, Susanna & Blair