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Heading Into The Unknown…

Many of you might have already dabbled with our Autumn Collection, perhaps buying a bottle or two. Overall, these nine new ciders and perries, ciderkins and perrykins seemed to us to be our most exploratory collection so far, truly illustrating the joy of breaking new ground in the world of fermentation.

This new range opens with the return of two favourites, Table Perry and Hard Rain Hot Pink 2021. The latest Hot Pink ciderkin marries prized cider variety Kingston Black with Chinook from Brook House Farm and local blackcurrant cordial. Next comes two further additions to the Hard Rain range, Simcoe Pear 2021 and Perry-Quette 2021. With Simcoe Pear, whole cone Simcoe hops from Brook House Hops join a classic blend of perry pears, while the Perry-Quette marries grapes with perry pear varieties.

The cidery's 140-strong barrel maturation programme plays a role in the next three ciders. Tiny Dancer 2020 drew from these, blended by flying cidermaker, Little Pomona harvest alumni, Martin Goodwyn Sharman, one-quarter of the Neutral Cider Hotel podcast team, also known as @cidershit on the socials.

Taking inspiration from the sherry world, James has created the world's first Foxwhelp solera, with Sum of the Parts, Act 1 and Act 2, the first two ciders to emerge. This is our journey into the risky business of long barrel ageing and fractional blending. Act 1 focuses on the younger components of the solera, while Act 2 throws the spotlight on the older ciders.

Co-fermentation returns with Still Life With Quince 2020, an intensely aromatic, highly food friendly blend of barrel-aged cider and quince wine. Last but not least, a wine / perry hybrid, To Boldly Go 2020, where Bacchus grapes meet Green Horse and Hendre Huffcap perry pears, with carbonic maceration and spontaneous co-fermentation thrown in, resulting in a fantastically fragrant, elegant yet complex pét nat.

Little Pomona restarted its keg programme this summer. Prior to the pandemic, James pioneered keg conditioning, allowing "live" cider to be dispensed via keykegs, avoiding the need for pasteurisation and backsweetening. This autumn the keg range has expanded with Bright Lights and Table Perry joining the original duo, Table Cider and Root & Branch. If there's a pub or bar near you which you think might be a good host for these, do ask them and suggest they get in touch with us, so we can help.

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📸 Edina Nagy