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How Can Pubs Get The Best Cider Selection?

PUBS! Love them. What better places are there? Not many. What's better than a pub or. a bar with great beer? One with great cider too. 

Big thanks to Nigel Huddleston and the Morning Advertiser for tackling this topic head on in his recent feature.

As well as covering the major players and the major sporting occasions cropping up this year, Nigel delved into what works for the craft sector. The ciders, like ours, where it's not all about volume. Where it's the flavour that counts. The occasion - to enjoy with food, perhaps. The chance to enjoy something that speaks of the specific varieties it's made with. To revel in seasonal variability. 

After all, a great pub looking after its customers might have pale ales and pastry stouts alongside thirst quenching lagers. So why not offer similar range with ciders - thirst quenchers plus full-juice seasonally-driven drinks? Let's have with food, let's enjoy all year – and let's share! 

Craft ciders don't need a World Cup to be enjoyed. Just a bunch of friends who like flavour. Perhaps just chatting. Enjoying a meal maybe. That's the fun of the large format bottle. Sharing tastes and tales at the table.

And a big high five to places where extra keg lines are going to cider. Why not? A macro for the volume, and then a keykeg for craft.

What they say

Several eloquent friends of contemporary cider share their thoughts - Barney at Sandford Orchards for one. Thanks Nick at Pomona Island, Mike at The Old Shoe. And of course, the Ciderologist himself, Gabe Cook.

This epitomises what our 2023 Campaign is all about - Cider For All Seasons.

We'll follow with a Campaign update but thrilled to say that Laurence kicked off the Disco Nouveau tour at The Yew Tree last week, where all these photos are from.

Perfect - cosiest pub, Disco Nouveau on keg and - la pièce de resistance - a special Dis Goat Nouveau pizza from The Firebird Kitchen!

And boy did it pair well! 

Next stop

We're back on the road next week. First we're off to the wonderful Hereford Beer House with Disco Nouveau 2023 on Friday 15 March.

Then Laurence is heading to The Cider House in Borough Market on Sunday 17 March, 12-3pm.

Thursday 21 March James and Susanna will be at Northwest Ward Ho, as guests of Pomona Island for a mini-tap takeover.

Watch out for new dates on the Disco Nouveau tour. Come and join us, whether in the Shire or elsewhere. We'd love to see you! And if you're running a bar or bottle shop and you fancy some Disco Nouveau - get in touch quick! There's just a few boxes left.

Let's get great cider and perry available everywhere.

Because we're worth it!

📸 Dylan Byrne, with many thanks