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In From The Cold

If you’ve tried our ciders or visited us, you’ll know that we feel there’s no point only enjoying cider in the summer months. Those ciders with depth, whether from glorious bittersweet apples, barrel maturation, or other means, are perfect for these sort of nippy days. Where the coolth is taking over, and you want something thoughtful in your glass.

Two of our favourites at the moment are Art of Darkness 2019 – bestseller in December from the shop and online, a fascinating cider from the five different barrels that made the cut when we were choosing this. Beautifully bright, full of gorgeous fruit and wonderful aromatics, try it with cheese (it’s a dream. Clear winner at the Cider & Cheese Meet the Makers event at Malvern's beautiful café/bistro, The Faun with Neals Yard Dairy back in the autumnn- excuse the grainy photo! ). But don't stop there - think stews, glorious quiches and mediterranean dishes.

And Dead Flowers 2019. Again, there’s the added layer of complexity from the barrels. To be honest, we didn’t know if we would find the right cider for Dead Flowers again after its intriguing 2018 debut, with its fascinating interplay between the barrels and the cider. And then these three barrels showed up. The result offers a heady perfume of exotic notes, following through to a fleshy cider full of succulent fruit and clove spice.

We’re open 12-3pm today, Saturday, if you can make it over. Otherwise our webstore is open all hours, and do check out our stockist list – over 100 sources around the country.  If your local fine bottle store isn’t yet selling our cider, do suggest they get in contact, and we can point them towards our lovely distributors.

Don’t forget, if you’re selling our cider – or perry – and you’re not on our stockist list, please let us know and we’d love to add you.

Artwork by Ariana Sauder