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London Calling…

Paging all Little Pomona's friends from London and the surrounds - join us for an evening of cider and perry and cheese matching at this month's London Cider & Perry Club, this Thursday, 27 April.

I realise there's not much time, but there are a few tickets left, so do snaffle one if you haven't already. We are over at TRAP, the Real Al Company's excellent taproom in groovy Walthamstow. With your friend and our's Alison Taffs, landlady at the wonderful Hop Inn at Hornchurch, the great bit is that CellarMan Sam has procured some of the UK's finest cheeses to match our ciders and perries.

The ciders and perries themselves are glorious and we can't wait to share them with you.

Beginning with the latest Hard Rain to be released upon arrival, we're then diving into Disco Nouveau 2022, that first joyful expression from last year's fascinating vintage. Then there's Once In A Lifetime 2022 - so called because James literally couldn't believe what he was finding when he tasted that barrel.

Next up is Tiny Dancer 2020, the intimate tango between barrels, time and good fruit, created by good friend Martyn Goodwin Sharman. Finally, To Boldly Go 2021. We think the world's first Bacchus/perry pear co-ferment.

The evening is delightfully casual and, at £10.50 a ticket, is frankly a steal.

It kicks off at 7.30pm, and tickets are available via EventBrite.

This is our final stop on the Cider Is Not Just For Summer campaign trail. Thank you to everyone who has come out and sipped, supped and supported us. It's been such a pleasure sharing tastes, thoughts and ideas with you. Really, this isn't the end, this is just the beginning! These drinks are too enjoyable to limit to one season. Please do ask in your local bottle shops and discerning pubs, bars and restaurants about whether they do - or will - stock full juice, orchard-driven, seasonal ciders.
Here’s to many more fine occasions when we can share food, drink and fine tales throughout the year. And when you’re out and about, do come and visit us at our Tasting Room. We'd love to see you.

Until then - Wassail!