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Match Fit

Just loving the fact that the star turn of the Coronation Big Lunch is a glorious quiche! And it sure is tasty - I've snaffled most of one, courtesy of Legges of Bromyard during the course of research for - guess what - our favourite cider match!

And potentially it was a tricky one! Egg is never easy, and the anise notes of the tarragon also posed a challenged.

Luckily we have just the answer - the appropriately named Once In A Lifetime.

This 2021 cider, the latest in our Cider Sessions small batch series, sees the delightful Egremont Russett apple emerge shimmering into the world from six-months in an ex-Burgundy barrel.  Enchanting scents of sweet flowers and white peach lead to luscious fruit infused with subtle spices, including star anise, with some herbal notes running through it.

And it's these herbal themes that pair so well with the broad beans and the tarragon. One lifts the other. Our original label gave chicken and tarragon pie as one of our suggested food matches – really, quiche is just a pie by another name!

Today and next Saturday we'll be serving the Coronation Quiche as cooked by our good friends at Legges of Bromyard as a small plate with this special match.

But hurry - and I'm not just saying this - Once In A Lifetime is about to run out. It was just a one-barrel bottling, so at the moment it's only available at the Tasting Room and we're limiting purchases to one bottle per customer. Luckily though, we hear there's another barrel appearing in the wings, hoping to take its place in a month or so's time. And we do have some other fine Egremont Russets on the shelves to keep us going.

In the meantime, do join us if you can in person to sample the pairing, small-plate style. Or join our mailing list so we can let you know when the next contender is ready to fly.

Cheers to King Charles III and Queen Camilla!

ℹ️ Open Saturday 6 May, 12-7pm

🍎 with normal menu of bottles, by the glass and flights, plus the Celebratory Trio

🍽 Coronation Quiche paired with Once In A Lifetime 2021 - limited supplies

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