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Pretty Please, With A Cherry On Top...

Well, not quite "on top", but cherries do take the starring role in this, the first in our Collectors Edition series. Seriously limited bottlings, which will only be available to Cider Club members and in the Shop.

So what's the story? It all began with a blending session that resulted in Table Cider batch 2 after which we were left with 150 litres of beautiful, juicy cider that, having no immediate home, we stored safely in a variable capacity, stainless steel tank.

A few days later, as luck would have it, we were offered a few crates of sour cherries – the  Kelleris variety, for cherry aficionadoes out there – and the devil started to whisper in our ear once again! 

We decided to press the cherries on our old rack-and-cloth press. This turned out to be something of a messy mistake, as the cherries blocked up the press cloths, making it hard to get at the juice itself. The cherries were also not all in the best state, so what we thought would be a fairly quick job took the thick end of a day as we sorted through them, cherry by cherry...

But with pain there is often gain, and the juice we did collect was very lovely. We blended it with the dry cider in our tank and then bottled it. After that, wild yeasts on the fruit induced a second fermentation in bottle giving it a natural sparkle.

At first the cherry element was very subdued but over time its presence in the liquid has rise and there is now a lovely harmony to it, making it completely crushable and a whole lot of fun. Chill well folks and pour carefully.

Little Pomona Cider Club

For those who are wondering about our Cider Club, it's been the most wonderful support to us in these difficult times. Members get special access to all our bottlings, 10% off all Little Pomona goods throughout the year, and in non-lockdown situations, invites to special events at the cidery. At the moment, the Cider Club is full, but if you'd like to join the waiting list, as soon as we are able to make a few more spaces available, we can let you know.

More info here, plus a chance to join the waiting list.

£12/bottle - Do It Puritan - Cherry Con - 2019 - 6.4% abv