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Table Cider 6 with Rachel Hendry

Hi everyone - Blair here with a quick intro to this special Blog Post!

Table Cider is a drink meant to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. In its essence, Table Cider is a drink that seeks to bring people together through facilitating conversation and good times, no matter the season. Since its inception, we've always been fairly convinced that TC also pairs really well with all kinds of music.

Regular imbibers will know that we've been sharing our unique playlists with each batch - the songs that were around when that batch was crafted, that propelled us through its creation. Recently we've thought about our playlists and decided we'd like them to be more interactive. We don't want to dictate what to listen to along with your bottle of TC, but rather, we'd like to hear a bit of what's playing while your table is enjoying a bottle of the golden nectar.

Essentially we're asking you to welcome us to your table for an evening. We want you to share a small snapshot of what's happening and playing on the speakers around your table. 

We want to hear about your experiences drinking Table Cider and we want our playlists to reflect the diversity of those sharing in the drink that we hope brings everyone a little closer together.

If you're interested in sharing a bit about your table & some musical selections with us, please reach out to wassail@littlepomona.com. We'd love to hear from you! 


For our first guest playlist we'd like to welcome our friend, the amazing Rachel Hendry of Burum Collective & J'adore le Plonk. She's a great friend and huge advocate for diversity and inclusion in the drinks world. We're huge fans of her writing but were especially blown away by the words and uber fun poppy dancy playlist she's made to accompany her night with the latest iteration of Table Cider.

We'd like to send a big thank you to Rachel for welcoming us to her table and sharing the music that inspires her evenings!

Rachel's words:

There is nothing quite as delightful to me than the word Table in front of a drink, whether it be a cider, a beer or a wine. It’s a beacon shining through this past isolating winter; table means people means food means finding occasion in routine. Here is joy to be shared! 

This Table Cider is no exception. It tastes like grazing your lips against rough nectarine skin, slithers of grapefruit peel infusing tonic water, one segment of tangerine for you and one for me, too.  

These are the songs I want to listen to on that sun dappled walk to a friend's house, whilst we share our food and ease our weeks, pouring glass after glass as a table becomes a home, gently releasing our days into the night. 

I hope they bring you some shared joy, too.