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Table Cider No 2 - Find Out More

Find out More!

Music is a really important part of cider making at Little Pomona. Whether we’re pressing to the sounds of Dead Moon, picking together along to Angel Olsen or racking to the sweet crooning voice of Scott Walker. 

To honour the importance of music to us at Little Pomona we decided to release a playlist of songs that helped us create Table Cider. 

Check out The Playlist

These are all songs that were with us, stuck in our heads, or blasting out of our portable speaker throughout the process of assembling Table Cider 2. They are part of this cider and essential components of the process. Invariably you can taste pieces of each song inside of the cider itself – they echo one another.

This playlist is best enjoyed alongside a glass of Table Cider OR on a long drive through the Herefordian countryside during harvest season.