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Table Perry 1 with Grant Hutchison

As I write this I have yet to hear the playlist that has been crafted to accompany  our very first iteration of Table Perry. All I can really say is that I'm very excited because this next playlist is an invitation to spend some time at the table of Grant Hutchison. 

To be completely honest Grant was one of the big inspirations for the idea of these 'Table Playlists' in the first place after involving Little Pomona in several events relating to music & cider pairings.

Grant is a great friend, a super gifted musician and incredibly emotive drummer with Frightened Rabbit, as well as one of the hosts on the podcast Neutral Cider Hotel (go listen now!) and one of the founders of the charity Tiny Changes. He and his wife Jaye recently opened an amazing cider shop called Aeble that we absolutely cannot wait to visit. Oh yeah - he also distributes cider with his company re:stalk - what a busy guy!

Huge thanks to Grant for welcoming us to his table and letting us hear about the tunes and vibes that pair with Table Perry. We can't wait to sit together at a table sometime soon and share drinks and songs with you and your fam.

Grant's says:

"Table Perry is the best kind of drink in my opinion. One that should be paired with more than just food in a fancy restaurant. Drink this with good conversation and even better friends. The perfect kind of bottle that accompanies reminiscing about different times. We can overthink what we drink sometimes so having a bottle that is both a conversation piece and an easy glugger is a great thing. The sibling Table Cider is one of my favourite bottles to grab when having a casual night of drinks with pals so it’s going to be a real treat to share somethings a little different in the perry. 

For my playlist the focus was on friends. Through music I’ve met a lot of wonderful, talented people who have come to be either close friends or someone you exchange the odd email with when you see an article they might like or find a song that reminded you of them. These tracks are interspersed with what I would want to hear as I sit round a table with friends, late in to the night, talking shit. Vitally important shit of course but shit nonetheless. I’ve found a new home in the cider community and can’t wait to sit and share this playlist and a bottle of Table Perry with new friends too when the time allows. I hope you enjoy and maybe find a new artist to fall in love with over a bottle of fermented pear juice! Also how could I not put Katy Perry on there?!!"