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Terroir Meets Time As Table Cider Debuts

Terroir meets time in Little Pomona's latest release. Table Cider is a new concept, whereby the blend is crafted not just to symbolise the vintage and orchard from whence it came, but for the season of release too.

Cidermaker James Forbes sees this as a cider that symbolises cider's true spirit. "What does cider mean, what is its true value?" he says. "Is it simply just the sum of its parts – the apples, the orchards, the method, the techniques, the vessels – or is it somehow greater than all of that? We believe it is.

"This drink, our native wine, can from the outside appear cast as a toxic, damaging problem, whereas in fact it is nothing of the sort. The truth is that it’s the most joyously convivial of all drinks, made by and enjoyed by some of the warmest, friendliest, most thoughtful people on the planet."

So with this Table Cider – think table wine, an enjoyable, everyday drink – James has chosen from the many ciders maturing in the cidery, deciding on a mix of Dabinett, Browns Apple, Egremont Russet, Ellis Bitter and Ashton Bitter.

Table Cider No 1 is dry, and loaded with fruit, freshness and energy. "It’s soft yellow apples on the nose beneath a hint of funk," says James, "Along with blossom, peach, apricot and herbs, plus soft tannins on the finish."

With a different mix in the offing for the Autumn/Winter season, each parcel will be conditioned in bottle for a lifting, gentle sparkle.

Table Cider is available from The Fine Cider Company in London and nationwide, and from ReStalk in Scotland and Northern England, or from the Little Pomona shop, both online and in person, and after release, from the network of stockists listed on www.littlepomona.com.

Tasting Time

Little Pomona will be joining Ross Cider on Sunday 12 July, 8pm, InstaLive, for a double new release tasting, featuring their Thorn Perry 2019 alongside Table Cider. While it was a Bake Off, Taste Off last time, with Hilary's Cider Cake pitched against the Hereford Bun, this weekend cheese gets involved. Find out more here, and do join if you can.