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The Ciderkin Tales - chez Brum Cider Club

Brum Cider Club. Zoom Tasting, 19th June at 7.30pm

At last, thanks to the hard work and imagination of Ed and his lovely missus, Becky, the nation’s second city finally has its own Cider Club and we couldn’t be more happy to be part of it!

In this edition the club is focussing on something old but also something new (at least for most people) and it’s a drink known as Ciderkin. Written mentions of Ciderkin go back to 1621, where it appeared on the Bill of Fare at the Plimoth Pilgrims very first Thanksgiving dinner – that’s some pretty heavyweight history! But, you ask, what is Ciderkin?

In its finished form it’s a beautiful, super refreshing, bright, fruity and fascinating drink that, with its naturally lower alcohol levels, tunes in perfectly with the current respect for mindful drinking. Ciderkin also has zero sugar, unlike a number of lower ABV cider products on the market.

On the evening itself, we’ll be looking firstly at the history of Ciderkin. After that we’ll go into how we approach making it, the techniques, problems and solutions. We’ll also be looking towards the future.

In between that we will of course be tasting – we have chosen two of our brand new Ciderkins and a third, Cider Club exclusive preview, of a new one coming out later this summer.

Tasting packs for the event are available from our website, and for any of you who have already bought The Summer Six box, with two of the three ciderkins in question, plus a variation on the Hard Rain Hopped, you are very welcome to join us also. Please just email us on wassail@littlepomona.com so we can send you Zoom details.

So do join us if you can - we'd love to see you!

Tasting pack ordering deadline: midday 15 June

Shipping from 8 June

📷  Bill Bradshaw