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The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurised

A few years ago, when we set out to put live cider into keykegs to condition naturally folk said we were crazy. Honestly they were right, we are a bit crazy! But, and it’s a big "but", ciders made this way – unpasteurised, unfiltered and unsweetened – are so alive with fruit and flavour, so true to the apples and orchards we pick from, so delicious and vibrant, that we really can’t understand why it’s not just a completely normal way to do things.

We have been amassing a small family of 20-litre keykegs for you to choose from. So do ask for these when you're in your local den of good repute. And if you're a bar, pub or taproom, do get in touch. 

Root & Branch, 7.3% abv

The original keg conditioned cider! King of the bittersweet apples, Dabinett, partly barrel aged, partly tank aged, blended together to create a cider that is gloriously juicy, full of peach and apricot, cloves and sandalwood  and soft ripe tannins.

Table Perry, 7% abv

If you ever want to introduce someone to the joyous delights of the perry pear, this is absolutely the one to do it with! No rough edges here, just pure, bright pear delights! It’s a super fragrant, super fresh mix of citrus and tropical flavours with a little sugar left over from fermentation.

Disco Nouveau 2022, 6.7% abv

Been anxiously awaiting to release our first cider from the 2022 harvest and now we finally have and in bottle and keg too!  By releasing it in the depth of winter, Disco Nouveau challenges the crazy notion that cider is just a summer drink. It’s bright and aromatic, all strawberries laces and red fruits, with a gentle sparkle and creamy mouthfeel, and remarkable food friendliness for something so young.

Table Cider, 6.8% abv

Welcome to the magic of Herefordshire cider apples! This one is a completely crushable, rolling blend of the finest apples the Shire has to offer, and like its namesake, Table Wine, it’s fruity and fresh, soft and juicy, and a killer with snacks and bar food. Some call it the street food champagne and we wouldn’t argue with that!

Remember folks, the revolution will not be pasteurised!

All are available wherever you are in the UK through our friends Eebria UK and The Fine Cider Company