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Manchester Invited To Join Terroir Quest

So, does it matter where Dabinett apples come from in Herefordshire? Does it make any difference to the taste? Well yes, it does. And Manchester Cider Club are going to be part of research exploring just what the differences are.

Only shared with the orchardists and craft cider producers so far, Little Pomona is taking its A Sense Of Place project to Manchester Cider Club this Thursday, 11 May.

Seven ciders from seven orchards from 2022. All fermented exactly the same way, but all tasting distinctly different. "By keeping the production parameters the same, we can explore the effects of site, exposure, weather, harvesting practice, the age of the trees, and the hand of the orchardist," says Susanna Forbes, co-founder of Little Pomona with husband James.

These four word maps gathered from the project's second outing, at CraftCon 2023, illustrate the tastes from four of the orchards. The Cider Club are going to be asked to contribute to the next stage of the word maps. For each of the ciders, they'll be asked for three words to describe the taste and the word maps will be updated to reflect the new views.

"It's a fascinating opportunity to taste some fantastic ciders and be part of some unique investigations into the effects of terroir," says Cath Potter, Cider Club co-founder.

"Manchester and its Cider Club has been so important to cider's renaissance over the last few years, when Cath suggested we might bring our project to May's meeting, it seemed just right," says Susanna. "The first consumer contribution to the research - where else but Manchester?"

Hear not just about the fruit and the orchards, but the orchardists too. Those folks with the skills to bring through the best fruit.

"This sort of research is commonplace within wine, but pretty rare within cider. "We want to change that," says Susanna.

Laurence Cocking, cidermaker with James at Little Pomona, will be presenting the ciders and the research so far at the Club, Thursday 7pm, at Fierce Bar, in Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter.

Spaces are limited - these ciders are not released so it's a complete one-off. And, as all good cider clubs should do, these come with added cheese.

For anyone who can't make the Cider Club in person, The Cat In the Glass and Little Pomona have put together a duo of Dabinett-dominant ciders for you to enjoy at home.

Different years but with the apples from Brook House Farm, these are different expressions with different barrels.

When Burum Met Pomona 2021 

Ther first collaborative cider with the Burum Collective, and as such £1 from each sale will go to the Collective. Made with Dabinett from Brook House Farm. ℹ️ here

Tiny Dancer 2020

Dabinett, with even more deft barrel ageing. Chosen by flying cidermaker Martin Goodwin-Sharman. ℹ️  here

Deadline for ordering: 6pm Tuesday 8 May.

Tickets: The Cat In The Glass