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Introducing Perry

Introducing Perry

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special 10% discount to share the joy of perry

Honestly, how could you not fall in love with Perry when the fruit looks like that? We finished pressing these beautiful pears, a French variety called Faucett, this week just past. Intense, sweet, acidic, tannic, and deeply juicy with pear and citrus flavours. We can’t wait to see what happens to them during fermentation.

True Perry must be one of the rarest, most endangered creations on the planet. Climate change and imported disease threaten the trees' very existence. Their slow growth habits, mean the time from planting to fruit is many years - not something that fits in with the pace of the 21st century - and therefore few trees are being planted.

The Three Counties region is one of just three strongholds of perry in the world. Normandy’s Domfront and Austria’s Mostviertel are the other two.

So we feel honoured and extremely grateful to be here, working with such precious fruit and I hope we can continue to create beautiful drinks from them.

The photo (thanks Marshall Borrus!) features a bottle of our Champagne method perry called Brut de Poiré, which we think is as fine and elegant a perry as it’s possible to find. Pristine fruit, floral, creamy pears and tropical citrus, gorgeous bubbles - who needs champagne when this and many others like it are made right here in the Shire!

If you’ve never tried Perry and are curious or if you want to introduce a friend or family member to this amazing drink, we’ve curated a little “Introducing Perry” three pack at a special price, especially for you! Containing Table Perry, our bright, fruity off-dry sparkling little beauty, along with the elegant, super aromatic, nectarine juice dead ringer, Throne Farm Still Perry, plus the gorgeous Brut de Poiré, mentioned above, its a gift full of joy and pleasure.

If this is to be a gift, bottles can be individually wrapped in our tissue, and we can include a gift card with your personal message. Just let us know in the Notes box.